Funkfan5: I'm Back.
butterflykaren27: cool that was fast
Funkfan5: Yeah, it all depends on how long I have to wait for the elevator.
butterflykaren27: must be nice to have a ELEVATOR!!!
butterflykaren27: ;-)
Funkfan5: Yeah, it's cool. But' when they're broken down and there's only one or two of them working, it can be a long wait.
butterflykaren27: poor baby...
Funkfan5: I'm 17 floors up, so taking the stairs is definitely a last resort.
butterflykaren27: 17 down ain't bad it is coming up that maybe it would be a bitch
Funkfan5: Yeah, you're right. Whenever they have a fire alarm and everyone needs to get out, it's a long walk down the satirs but coming back up is definitely more tiring.
butterflykaren27: yeah i would walk down just for the excercise
Funkfan5: Yeah, there's an excercise room here too. :-)
butterflykaren27: but hell the steps would be enough
Funkfan5: I don't know. Can you picture The Sandman walking up 17 flights of stairs? LOL
Yeah, but can you picture The Sandman walking up 17 flights of stairs? LOL

butterflykaren27: i can picture his drunk ass Falling down 17 flights of stairs
Funkfan5: Yeah, and the funny part about it is that he probably wouldn't get hurt! ROFLMAO
butterflykaren27: lol i guess you saw my sandman comment on the rotten list today
Funkfan5: Yeah, I don't remember all of it right now, but I do remember reading it.
butterflykaren27: it was funny
Funkfan5: Is Axl Rotten similar to Sandman? As far as getting drung or fucked up on pills?
Funkfan5: "drunk"
butterflykaren27: he used to be pretty bad not sure how he is doing now...
Funkfan5: I remember how someone on The Rottenlist posted that no one should be saying good things about Axl Rotten, and you replied that you agreed with him.
butterflykaren27: not i agreed with the fact that that was the kids first post and he was kissing up axl's ass and he doesn't deserve to be kissed up to like that
Funkfan5: So is there something about Axl that made you think, "he isn't woth having fans?"
Funkfan5: "worth"
butterflykaren27: no but i thought it seemed like how i first posted when i started on the list because it was started on AXL's site we should kinda kiss up
Funkfan5: Oh, I see. I understand. But there's something about me going to Boca Raton that I should tell you.
butterflykaren27: ok...
Funkfan5: I may be going to Boca Raton in 3 or 4 weeks to a rehab center there. I am an alcholic. I've been through rehab 3 times. But this place in Boca is supposed to be one of the best.
butterflykaren27: well i was living in a halfway house in delray because surprise I am an addict...
butterflykaren27: which center??
Funkfan5: I think it's called Alternative Treatments. It is at
butterflykaren27: i probably know some of the people that work there... I have been through 8 treatment centers and finally ahve over a year clean
Funkfan5: Congratulations. I think that's great. It makes me wonder though, when I see The Sandman, how can he drink all that alcohol and still do his job? It's a mystery to me.
butterflykaren27: i think alot of it is he doesn't do his job well... and PAul only puts up with him because he is THE SANDMAN and he brings the $$$
Funkfan5: So if Sandman had to go to a 40 hour a week job, he probably couldn't. Is that what you mean?
butterflykaren27: hell no it wouldn't happen...
Funkfan5: Well if I disappear from The Internet for a couple of months, and everyone's wondering what happened to me: I'm in rehab.
butterflykaren27: unlike most addict and alcoholics that have to change their lives to function Sandman has found away to live with out changing but wait a few years until he has a cirrios of the liver and is near death... Well keep in touch I will email you my mailing address...
Funkfan5: Yes, Karen. Please email me an address where I can write to you. I will most likely be in rehab for 2 or 3 months, and it would really help me out if I could keep in contact with you through mailing regular letters.
butterflykaren27: yeah not a problem i will email that in a bit i gotta finish this paper i am working on right now then i will do that.
Funkfan5: OK. Keep doing what you're doing. And send me that address so that I can write to you when I'm in rehab and don't have access to a computer.
butterflykaren27: i know how cool it is to get mail so don't worry if you write I will write back...
Funkfan5: I'd love to be able to send mail to you. As long as I have your mailing address.
butterflykaren27: hold on what is your email?
butterflykaren27: ok it is sent...
Funkfan5: Thank you!!
butterflykaren27: i gave you my po box because it will stay the same when i move
Funkfan5: And about The Sandman, don't you feel that he is going to be sorry one day when his liver doesn't work anymore?
butterflykaren27: yeah he is but you sure can't tell him about that...
Funkfan5: I had an Uncle that died at 53 because his liver din't work anymore.
butterflykaren27: yeah i had a friend i met in florida that died of cirrosis at age 34
Funkfan5: Damn! At age 34? That's only two years older than me.
butterflykaren27: yeah he was really bad had been drinking steady like a gallon of vodka a day from the age of 13
Funkfan5: Anyway, Elizabeth knows about my drinking problem and I will try to write her from Boca, but anyway tell her I think that she's cool and I'd like to write to her too, if she has some kind of P.O. Box or mailing address.
butterflykaren27: she has a po box that was on her old site the i am not sure if it is still up or not but you can check
Funkfan5: She said she shut it down, because there were too many starnge people sending her shit. I don't blame her. I would have done the same thing. But if there is an address I can write to her at, that would be really cool.
butterflykaren27: well when i talk to her i will ask her
Funkfan5: OK, anyway, I'm not going to Boca for at least two or thtree weeks, so there's time to figure this out.
butterflykaren27: ok coolio...
Funkfan5: And again. Congratulations for staying clean for a whole year.
butterflykaren27: thanks... it isn't easy but i have done it... once you decide that you HAVE to do it ... MY life depended on it at the time Heroin sucks and well it gets easier when you have nowhere left to go but up or die
Funkfan5: That's how I feel now. There is no choice. Go to rehab or die.
butterflykaren27: well at least you can see that I have seen so many people so far down and only want to go farther down... we can go up and get better...
Funkfan5: I've hit rock bottom.
butterflykaren27: i know that feeling... what is stopping you from going to treatment sooner??
Funkfan5: I've been through rehab 3 times. I just alaways thought there was a way I could handle it responsibly. Like The Sandman for example. I saw him, an thought, there's a guy who drinks but still does his job. Maybe I can do that too.
butterflykaren27: but well let me tell you he ain't all that he was married but his drinking killed that thought, he has been suspended from ECW for drinking too much, i am sure there are other reasons, look at scott hall #1 proof that you can't live and drink if you are an alcoholic
Funkfan5: Yeah, and as all these reasons made their impact on me, I realized that I couldn't keep doing the same thing and getting away with it.
butterflykaren27: yeah but at least you realized it and unlike so many other people that learn in DEATH
Funkfan5: I know. I just wonder how The Sandman can kepp doing it and I can't.
butterflykaren27: my guess is he doesn't... I would bet he doesn't He probably knows what he is doing to himself...
Funkfan5: You would think so, but he seems so happy. I just don't understand it.
butterflykaren27: but without his wife and son in his life how happy can he be?
Funkfan5: Did he lose his wife and son Tyler? I didn't know that.
butterflykaren27: she left him AGAIN
Funkfan5: Oh, I didn't know that. Well, maybe that's the best thing for him. To realize that he has to change his ways because he's losing all that is precious to him.
butterflykaren27: yeppers that is the truth
Funkfan5: Damn, I didn't know that.
butterflykaren27: yeah see shit don't always look as good as it seems
Funkfan5: And here I thought everything was going great for him.
butterflykaren27: see you didn't want to see it... hell i though I was fine when i was shooting heroin...
Funkfan5: And I know that it feels really sick to have to go a day without it, once you're hooked on it.
butterflykaren27: yeppers but see you never notice what is always so OBVIOUS to others
Funkfan5: You mean, the addict never realizes what is so wrong?
butterflykaren27: right... the elephant in your living room idea... you can't see it but everyone else can you just dust around it but damn it is HUGE and there and it won't move,...
Funkfan5: And I'm beginning to see that. I know what I'm doing with alcohol isn't normal. I've done so many insane makes me sick.
butterflykaren27: yeah i try not to dwell on the past it is OVER and you can't change it
butterflykaren27: i just looked at the page about the treatment center and I had friends that went there and it is a really good place...
Funkfan5: You can't change the past, but still, the past is a bitch. I mean, the past is a monster, but you can't escape it. You can't do anything about waht you've already done.
butterflykaren27: but you can not live in it... tomorrow is a new day and you have full control over what you do with it...
Funkfan5: Did you have the website to the place I'm going to?
butterflykaren27: yyou gave me the link... LOL
Funkfan5: So you know it's the place in Boca Raton. See, I don't even remember giving you the link.
butterflykaren27: yeppers and as i said i have known people that went there...
Funkfan5: And they said that place helped them, right?
butterflykaren27: yeah i know it did they were living with me in the halfway house
Funkfan5: That's a good thibg to know. Because I will probably be living there for January and February.
butterflykaren27: that is when i went down i left jan 7 and was down there till i wrecked my car
Funkfan5: So let me get one thing staright. You don't think that because The Sandman can dring 20 beers a day, that means that I can?
butterflykaren27: lets put it this way CAN YOU?
Funkfan5: I can't. But why can he do it, and not feel any adverse consequences?
butterflykaren27: do you know for a FACT he Doesn't face any consequences???
Funkfan5: NO, it's just that he seemed so happy during his RF Shoot Interview.
butterflykaren27: but that was like 2 years ago
Funkfan5: So what you're saying is to not believe everything I se on videotape, right?
butterflykaren27: well... lets see... RVD has a shoot where he says he doesn't do anytype of illegal drugs!!!
Funkfan5: RVD is doing great! I'd be so happy if I was anywhere near in my career to what RVD is doing now.
butterflykaren27: but he too is not 100% healthy... smoking can be just as bad for you,...
Funkfan5: Yeah,, and I know because I have done the 4:20 thing, and it made me very uncoordinated, and I can't imagine how he does those moves when he is high.
butterflykaren27: but he does... and i know because i was there he was at fault for breaking his leg in JAnuary...
Funkfan5: Do you think that if RVD wasn't high on marijuana, that he would have gotten hurt?
butterflykaren27: i was right there that night about 3 feet away when he broke his leg and he was having trouble standing up he was so high BEFORE he broke his leg
Funkfan5: Damn, I never knew that. So basically what it tells me is that I should go into rehab, because he never knew what it was doing to him.
butterflykaren27: for some reason we addicts are always the last to realize there is something wrong
Funkfan5: Hey Karen, I just got your email, and thanks for sending me your address, because when I'm in rehab, I won't ever be able to talk to you on The Internet.
butterflykaren27: well then keep in touch... i am good at writing so i will write you back
Funkfan5: I'm probably gonna go into rehab in 3 or 4 weeks, but whenever that time is, I'll be very happy to be able to write you a letter or two.
butterflykaren27: ok coool... i gotta go eat dinner be back soon
Funkfan5: OK, se ya!

Funkfan5 signed off at 6:19:10 PM.