shadowkillakaren: heya... is that busy signal lulling you to sleep too?? lol
PsychopathicLove: IFL well it's fucking annoying if that counts for anything
shadowkillakaren: hell yeah...
PsychopathicLove: heh
PsychopathicLove: but the sounds of juggalos is reassuring as fuck
shadowkillakaren: we should get the song on just for our effort no backstreet boys site organize a calling strike
shadowkillakaren: although my daughter is going to be mad when they get knocked off the chart... lol
PsychopathicLove: a calling strike?
shadowkillakaren: what we are doing...
PsychopathicLove: IFL your a juggalo mom?!?!?!?
PsychopathicLove: YOU RULE!
shadowkillakaren: hell yeah i am only 26 but my daughter is a big bsb fan... i am working on converting her but she is only 7 and i don't feel like having her kicked outta school yet
PsychopathicLove: IFL that's fresh as hell.. Im 18 and going to be a mom in June, though Im prolly opting for adoption
shadowkillakaren: very good choice... i wish at times that i had done that...
PsychopathicLove: it's a hard as fuck choice.. but I want whats best for the baby, not me.
shadowkillakaren: yeah and take it from someone who has been there it really is hard to do this day in and day out i was 19 when she was born...
shadowkillakaren: OMG!! i got through thats 2 times!!!
PsychopathicLove: yeah.. it's definitly hard, you're prolly one of the first people to say that it's an ok thing to do
PsychopathicLove: YOU DID?! ALRIGHT!
shadowkillakaren: hella good...
PsychopathicLove: I aint got through once
shadowkillakaren: i got through the 1st time i tried...
PsychopathicLove: 1 800 dial MTV?
shadowkillakaren: damn luck... i met twiztid last night and now this... yeppers
PsychopathicLove: twiztid is fresh as fuck, specially jamie
shadowkillakaren: yeah that was the 1st time i saw them live and monoxide is alot better looking in person... i love jamies voice...
PsychopathicLove: ifl.. they are both like brothers to me
shadowkillakaren: that is way cool i would have loved to actually hang with them, not just talk to them in the freezing cold...
PsychopathicLove: sometimes thats jus as kew as hanging with em, fo real
shadowkillakaren: well it made my night for real
PsychopathicLove: Oh I bet, everytime I talked to them or J or Shaggy made my night
PsychopathicLove: but especially jamie, I'ld have to say I'm tighter with him
PsychopathicLove: You mention Jessika with a K and he always remmeber me, and thats some tight shit
shadowkillakaren: yeah the one time i met J my friend humiliated me... she isn't down and well she called him shag
PsychopathicLove: IFL J has a good sence of humor
shadowkillakaren: he was gonna come smoke with us but after that he was like bye...
PsychopathicLove: J smoke? I've never known him for that
shadowkillakaren: lol
PsychopathicLove: Js kew in his own right, hes jus got alot of problems
shadowkillakaren: yeah it sounds like it from what i hear
PsychopathicLove: I dont know personally just shit I sence if that makes any
shadowkillakaren: yeah it does...
PsychopathicLove signed off at 2:42:27 AM.