butterflykaren27: heya
JesterFTW: hi honey...
JesterFTW: how was the show?
butterflykaren27: OMG guess who i hung out with tonigh6t
JesterFTW: Say hi to DUSTY for me?
JesterFTW: if you did there BETTER be an autograph waiting ;-)
butterflykaren27: i wish but I FUCKING MARKED
butterflykaren27: for the fucking elbow
JesterFTW: and I thought you HATED Dust/
JesterFTW: ?
butterflykaren27: but him and dustin... it is just like 2 saoman men
butterflykaren27: it makes me happy
JesterFTW: oh shut up :-)
butterflykaren27: but for real KEVIN, RIC, and BISCH!@!!!!!
JesterFTW: Bisch was there?
JesterFTW: how did I miss that?
JesterFTW: was that in the second hour?
butterflykaren27: yeppers at the hotel...
JesterFTW: AHHHH>..
butterflykaren27: not on the show... THUNDER SUCKED
JesterFTW: thats cool..talk to Bisch at all?
JesterFTW: did it?
JesterFTW: good...save me watching time..
butterflykaren27: main event KRONIC vs. total buff
JesterFTW: UGH...fuck that shit..
butterflykaren27: yeah and Evan wasn't even on anything this week... shane and shannon were both in matches
JesterFTW: well...I gives a shit about Evan...Shane and Shannon both rock though
butterflykaren27: I LIKE EVAN... he has that southern honey voice that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
JesterFTW: and HALF the skills of Shane or Shannon.. :-)
butterflykaren27: but the voice... LAsh has a great voice and nice pecs too
JesterFTW: Lash rocks...I dig Lash...obviously not like YOU DO...
JesterFTW: BTW-love the Chavo/Animal team...
JesterFTW: Animal ROCKS...
butterflykaren27: yeah i got some good pictures... and i am getting paid for going to the show tonight...
JesterFTW: hows that?
butterflykaren27: i didn't tell you i got a job???
butterflykaren27: OH I SAW DAWN and lance and lance
JesterFTW: you STARTED to mention it in your column...but then FORGOT ABOUT IT :-) what job?
JesterFTW: how is Dawn and Simon?
butterflykaren27: they are cute as ever they were there to see lance... I am SUCH A team canada mark
JesterFTW: LOL
JesterFTW: I know :-)
butterflykaren27: but i have been offered a job as a photographer... all film developing and tickets paid for
butterflykaren27: for a wrestling magazine
JesterFTW: which mag?
butterflykaren27: squared circle magazine they are only online for now they are moving to print soon though
JesterFTW: got a link for there page?
butterflykaren27: markingout.com
JesterFTW: LOL-that works..so will this help the apartment search at all? or will this be spending cash ?
butterflykaren27: this will be the start of a CAREER... i have wanted to be a photographer since i was in like 9th grade
JesterFTW: awesome :-) well congrats..we will have to celebrate sometime..
butterflykaren27: yeah... i start school... wednesday...
butterflykaren27: OH get this i got my picture taken with REY and I AM TALLER than him
JesterFTW: with or without shoes?
butterflykaren27: he and i both had on TALL shoes
butterflykaren27: i had on my barbie shoes and he had on these boots with big heels
JesterFTW: LOL-well...I always knew he was a midghet :-)
JesterFTW: midget that is..
butterflykaren27: he is more than a midget he would actually have to reach up to suck kevin nashs dick... unlike me who is right on the level...
JesterFTW: ugh...I didnt need THAT picture :-)

so you start school Wed? Dammit...that is my next day off :-( when is class?
butterflykaren27: not sure... but most of the day... i think i am off by 2
JesterFTW: you willing to drive down after class? that would get you here around 3ish...when do you have class on Thursday?
butterflykaren27: like 10 but i would love to come down.... i shouldn't have too much homework
JesterFTW: OK...call me before you leave..Im off on Wed and Thurs...we can go get lunch (MY TREAT-dont bitch..Im buying to celebrate) and we will watch a movie or somethin..
butterflykaren27: oh i did see someone you would have marked over...
JesterFTW: who?
butterflykaren27: midjea, tygress, ms jones, chae... and the best...
butterflykaren27: SHANE
butterflykaren27: not helms
JesterFTW: Douglas? met him :-)
JesterFTW: Chae and Tygress..now THERE are 2 that would get me going :-)
JesterFTW: Ms Jones...eh..not big on her..
butterflykaren27: did ya... i didand he called me honey and was hawking me tonight
butterflykaren27: BUT that KICK tonight???
butterflykaren27: ms. Jones was impressive
JesterFTW: the kick did shock me a bit..
butterflykaren27: was kinda cool wasn't it... nitros ending sucked... kevin and scott getting pulled apart... boring
JesterFTW: well...gotta set up for the PPV ya know?
butterflykaren27: yeah i guess but it left thunder at a unusually sucky low... although jeff did smack the shit outta DFG with a guitar and then he called us baltimoron slapnuts
JesterFTW: LOL-the bit with Totally Buff KILLED ME tonight :-)
butterflykaren27: yeah it was pretty good only problem is WHO WAS THE NIGGER THAT JUMPED the rail???
JesterFTW: the special teams coach for the Ravens
butterflykaren27: oh ok... we had no clue
JesterFTW: well..now ya know :-)
JesterFTW: they said it on the broadcast..
butterflykaren27: i heard kevin and bisch talking about some people and it was so funny
JesterFTW: who were they talkin about?
JesterFTW: any good stories?
butterflykaren27: saunders and stasiak
JesterFTW: what did they say about the Thrillers?
butterflykaren27: they like saunders think he has alot of potential and staisk... LOL not so good
butterflykaren27: I like palumbo and o hare was it on nitro where they had a match???
JesterFTW: not that I know of...
JesterFTW: Sanders is gonna be BIG...
JesterFTW: Stasiak...eh..
butterflykaren27: or was it thunder... that chuck and sean had a match then shawn and jedrick came out and said F being a thriller 4 life they wanted the belts and they weould get a shot at them at the PPV
JesterFTW: I think that was THUNDER..
butterflykaren27: oh well it was funny shit on the MIKE work,...
butterflykaren27: seen ohare and chubby ...
JesterFTW: didja? Ohare rocks too...
JesterFTW: well honey...
JesterFTW: I need sleep...
JesterFTW: so Im going to bed...
butterflykaren27: yeah i met him last night me too... talk to you tomorrow...
butterflykaren27: LOVE ya
JesterFTW: but I will talk to you tommorow unless you want to drive down here tonight and join me...;-)
JesterFTW: I love you too...
butterflykaren27: yeah i need sleep didn't get much last night
JesterFTW: I will be online late tommorow..me and Jerr have some efed stuff to discuss when he gets done bowling..