butterflykaren27: Boo
JesterFTW: hi hon...hows the hearing?
butterflykaren27: HUH CAN:T HEAR YOU!!!
butterflykaren27: lol
JesterFTW: hehe...that good huh?
butterflykaren27: hell yeah but i have been out in my car all day blasting twiztid
JesterFTW: LOL-I can still hear them ringing in my head..no reason to put the CD in..
butterflykaren27: lol but damn dogg... they fucking rule... kyle pissed his pants when i told him we met them
JesterFTW: LOL-jealousy is always a good thing :-)
butterflykaren27: hell yeah i have almost finished my school work...
JesterFTW: thats cool...
butterflykaren27: yeah it really is... oh BLAZES CD is out i am going to go find it in a bit i found out my printer is out of black ink,...
JesterFTW: hey...mine is out of color ink :-)

I will get BLAZE tommorow I think...been too lazy to go out today...besides...Im waiting for the cable guys to show up to fix my shitty reception and lack of HBO..
butterflykaren27: lol sounds like fun.. I have to go out anyway for ink so i can grab my cd then...
JesterFTW: sounds like a plan :-)
butterflykaren27: yeppers
JesterFTW: so whatcha doin now?
butterflykaren27: downloading all kinds of cool ICP stuff
butterflykaren27: BMH's mpegs right now
JesterFTW: but you own the movie doncha?
butterflykaren27: yeah but i an getting the mpeg of MAGIC MAGIC NINJAS WHAT!!!
JesterFTW: LOL- OK then :-)
butterflykaren27: but hell i love that magic magic ninjas line
butterflykaren27: you have to like that... motha faker
butterflykaren27: faka
JesterFTW: Mothafackao I think is how it is spelled :-)
butterflykaren27: nope it is on the BMH page but i can't get back there at the moment but i will get it spelled for you
JesterFTW: mutha facko....and that is off the page :-)

butterflykaren27: i was close
JesterFTW: true..
butterflykaren27: oh this chick told me how to keep my autos and wash my shirt... trace it in fabric pen...
JesterFTW: that makes sense...
butterflykaren27: now i gotta do that
butterflykaren27 wants to send file C:\My Documents\Wrestling Stuff\pictures\ecw\Kid Kash\kash21.jpg: Kid DUDLEY
JesterFTW's software does not support file transfer.
butterflykaren27: damnit i forgot you can't recieve files
butterflykaren27: i dl-ed a bunch of twiztid videos
JesterFTW: on AOL? nope...I can on ICQ if you want to boot that up...
JesterFTW: cool..
butterflykaren27: ok...
butterflykaren27: damn i forgot where i put my icq when ever you want i am online
JesterFTW: OK...Ill get em later...no rush..
butterflykaren27: i got it
butterflykaren27: don't laugh too hard...
JesterFTW: LOL-funny shit..
butterflykaren27: well i gotta go eat dinner brb
JesterFTW: OK..Ill prolly be off...Ill talk to you tommorow..
butterflykaren27: ok bye and stuff
JesterFTW signed off at 6:07:22 PM.