shadowkillakaren (12:55:26 AM): There I got MY font back
shadowkillakaren (12:55:48 AM): cool now i got a new color
ECWLuis (12:56:09 AM): LoL whoah, you go-girl
shadowkillakaren (12:56:38 AM)
: hell yeah... i rock
ECWLuis (12:57:40 AM): LoL it's true, it's true
shadowkillakaren (12:58:34 AM)
: yeppers
ECWLuis (12:59:26 AM): Yep, so have any plans for 2night?
shadowkillakaren (1:00:13 AM)
: yeah work on my site some more... try to force some people to sign my guestbook...
ECWLuis (1:00:24 AM): Cool, LoL same here
shadowkillakaren (1:00:47 AM)
: i signed yours...
ECWLuis (1:01:24 AM): LoL never came up believe it or not :-(
shadowkillakaren (1:01:42 AM): what I will have to go sign it again...
ECWLuis (1:02:24 AM): yep :-(
shadowkillakaren (1:02:49 AM): damn i will have to do all that thinking again
ECWLuis (1:03:47 AM): LoL
shadowkillakaren (1:04:02 AM)
: fun fun...
ECWLuis (1:04:04 AM): damn
shadowkillakaren (1:04:16 AM)
: but hell it will be real... '
ECWLuis (1:04:46 AM): Thanx babe ;-)
shadowkillakaren (1:12:07 AM): damn i can't cuss
ECWLuis (1:12:12 AM): LoL
shadowkillakaren (1:12:32 AM)
: damnit that takes all the fun out of the whole fucking show
ECWLuis (1:12:46 AM): LoL
shadowkillakaren (1:13:05 AM)
: ok it is signed
ECWLuis (1:14:07 AM): Thanx babe
shadowkillakaren (1:14:31 AM)
: you got it...
shadowkillakaren (2:15:44 AM): m/kalee.html
shadowkillakaren (2:15:54 AM): i probably typed it wrong
ECWLuis (2:19:50 AM): DUDE
ECWLuis (2:19:55 AM)
: LoL awesome, plus she's hot
shadowkillakaren (2:20:04 AM)
: dude who???
ECWLuis (2:20:13 AM): that blond on the page
shadowkillakaren (2:20:22 AM)
: huh?
ECWLuis (2:20:39 AM): Kalee
shadowkillakaren (2:21:11 AM)
: LOL don;t mind me i didn't realize i put that link in your window... LOL that is my chick EFED character...
ECWLuis (2:21:19 AM): LoL whoah
shadowkillakaren (2:21:24 AM)
: but the pic is Chasity
ECWLuis (2:21:30 AM): LoL oh I know ;-)
shadowkillakaren (2:22:03 AM): that is the efed character that i actually do well with... I am the top title holder in a basically all male fed...
ECWLuis (2:22:29 AM): WOW!!!
shadowkillakaren (2:23:17 AM)
: it is pretty cool... i have been in that fed since it first started over a year ago and I was just a valet... now I am a full out and out wrestler
ECWLuis (2:24:01 AM): Wow
ECWLuis (2:24:03 AM)
: LoL you go-girl
shadowkillakaren (2:24:29 AM)
: yeppers, as close as i want to get to the business
ECWLuis (2:26:25 AM): That's cool
ECWLuis (2:26:38 AM)
: LoL I dunno if you heard but did you know donna is *trying* to become a pro wrestler?
shadowkillakaren (2:27:10 AM)
: NO that is funny... I wanted to be became very disillusioned byt the whole thing
ECWLuis (2:27:24 AM): LOL
ECWLuis (2:27:31 AM)
: She told me she's in training and everything
shadowkillakaren (2:27:47 AM)
: wow what kind of training "RING RATS 101"
shadowkillakaren (2:27:55 AM): oh who said that
ECWLuis (2:28:09 AM): LOLOLOLOL
ECWLuis (2:28:33 AM)
: I keep saying to myself instead of wasting time/money in that, just goto school
ECWLuis (2:28:35 AM)
: college, anything
ECWLuis (2:28:44 AM)
: There is NO WAY she's going to become professional
shadowkillakaren (2:29:13 AM)
: yeah see where i am now if I want to get into the business I will after I graduate
ECWLuis (2:30:13 AM): See, you have a SMART attitude in life
ECWLuis (2:32:53 AM)
: Dude, I never found this out, what does amy do for a living?
shadowkillakaren (2:33:10 AM)
: yeppers... sits at home last i checked why???
ECWLuis (2:33:19 AM): LoL no clue, just curious
shadowkillakaren (2:33:53 AM)
: that was what she did when i knew her
ECWLuis (2:34:01 AM): Wow
shadowkillakaren (2:34:27 AM)
: her dad would just give her $$$
ECWLuis (2:35:31 AM): Amazing
shadowkillakaren (2:35:43 AM)
: yeah must be nice
ECWLuis (2:36:21 AM): LoL has she EVER had a job?
shadowkillakaren (2:36:45 AM)
: not that i knew of
ECWLuis (2:36:50 AM): Wow
shadowkillakaren (2:47:54 AM)
: damn i have actually gotten alot done with my site today
ECWLuis (2:48:10 AM): LoL you go-girl, I just did short updates and thanx for the guestbook entry :-)
shadowkillakaren (2:48:51 AM): i have done major work... added a photo gallery, added like 6 pages it is amazing
ECWLuis (2:51:01 AM): Wow
ECWLuis (2:51:04 AM)
: LoL Truly Amazing
shadowkillakaren (2:51:15 AM)
: yeah i guess but i have been really bored
ECWLuis (2:51:31 AM): I hear ya, I'm just tired, gonna do a few Issues then get to bed
shadowkillakaren (2:52:07 AM)
: yeah me too... but i just can't get this one thing right so i have to try and get it right before i head off to bed
ECWLuis (2:52:23 AM): That's cool, good luck with it
shadowkillakaren (2:52:32 AM)
: thanks
ECWLuis (2:52:42 AM): no problemo
shadowkillakaren (2:53:29 AM)
: damn it is so cold down here that my soda that i brought down here is still mad cold...
ECWLuis (2:54:26 AM): Wpw
ECWLuis (2:54:28 AM)
: Wow
shadowkillakaren (2:54:59 AM)
: lol but that is not a bad thing...
ECWLuis (2:55:54 AM): LoL true
ECWLuis (2:57:32 AM)
: Damn, too tired for full Issues, I'll just do a website update
ECWLuis (2:57:34 AM)
: issue
shadowkillakaren (2:57:42 AM)
: cool...
ECWLuis signed off at 3:06:08 AM.
ECWLuis signed on at 3:06:33 AM.