shadowkillakaren (11:41:06 PM): LUIS!!!
ECWLuis (11:41:20 PM): KAREN!
shadowkillakaren (11:41:26 PM)
: how are you
ECWLuis (11:42:13 PM): Pretty good, got back from an easy day of work as opposed to yesterdays
shadowkillakaren (11:42:38 PM)
: cool... i have been online all day... doing damn near nothing... it is so great...
ECWLuis (11:43:20 PM): LoL ain't it great?
shadowkillakaren (11:44:06 PM)
: yeppers I am in the middle of cussing out this one egroup i am in because they are talking shit about Paul and the mike awesome situation...
ECWLuis (11:44:59 PM): I see, interesting
shadowkillakaren (11:46:30 PM)
: no this guy was saying that taz taking the belt away from awesome was the stupidest idea... they should ahve let RVD take it and I am explaining that RVD wasn't even WRESTLING at that time b/c of his leg... stupid dumbasses
ECWLuis (11:47:04 PM): LOLOOL
ECWLuis (11:47:14 PM)
: diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick
shadowkillakaren (11:47:24 PM)
: ARRRGGGHH i hate dumb people that don't know anything
ECWLuis (11:48:01 PM): LoL I know right
shadowkillakaren (11:48:43 PM)
: well i am definately setting this one straight... too bad i know too much on that subject... heard too much from the BOYZ
ECWLuis (11:48:50 PM): how was your day?
ECWLuis (11:49:31 PM)
: LoL Truly Amazing
shadowkillakaren (11:49:38 PM)
: cold but good
ECWLuis (11:50:44 PM): LoL gotta love da cold
shadowkillakaren (11:51:07 PM)
: no i don't
ECWLuis (11:51:44 PM): LoL awe common
shadowkillakaren (11:51:55 PM)
: no i HATE cold weather
ECWLuis (11:55:02 PM): LoL damn, I don't love it, but I gotta admit, I have many memories in da cold
shadowkillakaren (11:55:39 PM)
: yeah i do and somehow they always involve me freezing to damn death...
ECWLuis (11:56:11 PM): LoL damn
ECWLuis (11:56:25 PM)
: LoL I still love it
ECWLuis (11:56:35 PM)
: I bet you CyberSlam will be cold
shadowkillakaren (11:57:02 PM)
: nope... not at all...
shadowkillakaren (11:57:11 PM): when is it this year??
ECWLuis (11:58:06 PM): Cool, LoL I bet sometime in mid or late April
ECWLuis (11:58:15 PM)
: I can't wait, you have GOTTA be there!
ECWLuis (11:58:35 PM)
: LoL with or without a Bus Trip, I'm there
shadowkillakaren (11:58:38 PM)
: oh I know i will be there...
shadowkillakaren (11:58:53 PM): but you can bet I will pay for the whole package this time
ECWLuis (11:59:39 PM): How?
ECWLuis (12:00:05 AM)
: Don't worry dude, I got your back against our former friends
shadowkillakaren (12:00:25 AM)
: last year I only bought a ticket to the arena show and was comped my bethalham show... had to drive there myself and all
shadowkillakaren (12:00:38 AM): instead of paying for the package and riding the bus...
shadowkillakaren (12:00:47 AM): Hell yeah...
ECWLuis (12:01:39 AM): Wow, that's cool
ECWLuis (12:01:49 AM)
: Don't worry dude
ECWLuis (12:02:11 AM)
: think of it like this
ECWLuis (12:02:11 AM)
: when amy/donna/ploumi/whomever
ECWLuis (12:02:11 AM)
: See me
ECWLuis (12:02:33 AM)
: They know not to fuck with me, cuz I'll just do something crazy like scream RAPE when they are near me or just make them look (and feel) really stupid
shadowkillakaren (12:03:02 AM)
: yeppers... I think chad and I might share a room... he was joking with me that if I stayed with him he would pay for my ticket... only thing he forgot was he should have said something about the implied part of the deal but he didn't so his loss
shadowkillakaren (12:03:32 AM): Make them look really stupid?? you mean that is possible for them to look STUPIDER!!!
ECWLuis (12:03:52 AM): LoL damn
shadowkillakaren (12:04:26 AM)
: but do i lie...
ECWLuis (12:04:34 AM): If I go by bus trip, then I'll have everything set up, if not, I'll probably either room with Bianca, me and my friend (if he goes) or me and some chick (either one of my friends or some girl who I might be with, I dunno, ya never know)
ECWLuis (12:04:52 AM)
ECWLuis (12:04:52 AM)
: True
shadowkillakaren (12:05:11 AM)
: or hell we could just get a room...
ECWLuis (12:05:14 AM): you're right, they are fucking stupid
ECWLuis (12:05:34 AM)
: and YET they call me a mark
ECWLuis (12:05:37 AM)
: hmmmmmmmm
shadowkillakaren (12:05:56 AM)
: oh you have to tell bianca I know she can win that contest...
ECWLuis (12:05:57 AM): sure, I'd have no problem with that :-)
ECWLuis (12:06:09 AM): LoL I'll never forget the first time we met
ECWLuis (12:06:09 AM)
: LoL you were like "Luis, drink all you want"
ECWLuis (12:06:09 AM)
: I go and look at the sink
shadowkillakaren (12:06:22 AM)
: well there we go that works... luis and Karen CYBERSLAM 2001
ECWLuis (12:06:31 AM): and see like a hundred bottles
ECWLuis (12:06:42 AM)
: I'm like
ECWLuis (12:06:42 AM)
: Truly Amazing
shadowkillakaren (12:07:02 AM)
: well i have 200 for you this time..
ECWLuis (12:07:05 AM): I'll tell her right now
ECWLuis (12:07:05 AM)
: LoL I love it
ECWLuis (12:07:37 AM)
: LoL whoah
ECWLuis (12:07:48 AM)
: BUT if I drive, no drinks for Luis :-(
ECWLuis (12:08:10 AM): Bianca asks why do you think she'll win?
shadowkillakaren (12:08:41 AM)
: good... I just hope that she does... she is better than she thinks she is
ECWLuis (12:10:21 AM): Done
ECWLuis (12:10:31 AM)
: LoL where were we?
shadowkillakaren (12:10:52 AM)
: cool somewhere about 300 beers and sharing a room at cyberslam
ECWLuis (12:10:53 AM): She said "oh thats nice"
shadowkillakaren (12:11:22 AM)
: well that is progress for her... at least it isn't fuck you bitch
ECWLuis (12:11:54 AM): LoL
ECWLuis (12:12:02 AM)
: Oh that's right...
shadowkillakaren (12:12:19 AM)
: amazing...
ECWLuis (12:12:27 AM): 300 should be enough, and sharing a room would be pretty neat, just make sure you bring KoRn's "Follow The Leader" 8-)
ECWLuis (12:12:45 AM): Exactly, watch dude, give me time, and watch how you and her just become friends
shadowkillakaren (12:12:50 AM)
: and life is peachy and issues
ECWLuis (12:12:55 AM): Truly
shadowkillakaren (12:13:17 AM)
: i want the other one but am too lazy to buy iy
ECWLuis (12:13:18 AM): LoL you think just like me ;-)
shadowkillakaren (12:13:19 AM): it
ECWLuis (12:13:24 AM): <====== Falling Away From Me
ECWLuis (12:13:29 AM)
: I have it, I'll bring it
shadowkillakaren (12:13:35 AM)
: cool...
shadowkillakaren (12:13:56 AM): <---A.D.A.DIAS
ECWLuis (12:13:59 AM): Yep, so how has life been treating you?
ECWLuis (12:13:59 AM)
: <======== listening to da Beatles
ECWLuis (12:14:20 AM)
: LoL and that means?
shadowkillakaren (12:14:35 AM)
: KoRn song that rocks
shadowkillakaren (12:14:39 AM): off life is peachy
shadowkillakaren (12:15:03 AM): i am doing great, bit stressed about this moving thing but I will get over it
ECWLuis (12:15:52 AM): LoL I love that song too
ECWLuis (12:16:00 AM)
: I see, when do you move?
shadowkillakaren (12:16:14 AM)
: before jan 31
ECWLuis (12:16:28 AM): I see, where you're moving too?
shadowkillakaren (12:17:01 AM)
: not sure that is the stressful part but i can't stay here
ECWLuis (12:17:43 AM): I see, if you don't mind me asking, why can't you stay there?
shadowkillakaren (12:18:12 AM)
: daddy said my lease is up and i am being evicted...
ECWLuis (12:18:37 AM): Wow
shadowkillakaren (12:19:07 AM)
: suckks
ECWLuis (12:21:15 AM): Eh, don't worry, you'll find a place
shadowkillakaren (12:21:40 AM)
: i know i just like it here
ECWLuis (12:22:04 AM): I hear ya
shadowkillakaren (12:22:27 AM)
: and living in an apt is expensice
ECWLuis (12:23:27 AM): I hear ya, still gonna be in Baltimore?
shadowkillakaren (12:23:38 AM)
: yeppers
ECWLuis (12:24:47 AM): Cool, LoL NY is a great place to live in, just gotta find a good apartment
ECWLuis (12:24:53 AM)
: I've never been to Baltimore, how is it there?
ECWLuis (12:25:04 AM)
: How is the fan base for the Ravens?
shadowkillakaren (12:25:24 AM)
: SUPERBOWL!!!! die titans die...
shadowkillakaren (12:25:38 AM): well we will be in the 'burbs... hardcore...
shadowkillakaren (12:26:01 AM): nice 3 story apt with grassy fields all around it...
ECWLuis (12:26:45 AM): LoL cool, wow
shadowkillakaren (12:27:01 AM)
: yeah i guess...
ECWLuis (12:27:36 AM): Yep, Who they do they play next?
shadowkillakaren (12:27:46 AM)
: Tennessee
shadowkillakaren (12:27:54 AM): then either miami or oakland
shadowkillakaren (12:28:02 AM): then SUPERBOWL!!!!!!
shadowkillakaren (12:29:00 AM): dumb question: how is it you can be so attracted to a person mentally but not physically... I am so sprung over chad it ain't funny...then i see him and well it is over
ECWLuis (12:29:09 AM): LoL
shadowkillakaren (12:29:27 AM)
: it is so annoying...
ECWLuis (12:29:40 AM): I like the Titans, not really a big Ravens Fan, but they have some great players
shadowkillakaren (12:29:51 AM)
ECWLuis (12:29:59 AM): Damn
ECWLuis (12:29:59 AM)
: Well, to be in "love" it's gotta be the whole package
ECWLuis (12:30:37 AM)
: LoL how?
shadowkillakaren (12:30:45 AM)
: but for real i LOVE chad I know it in my heart... but there is something there taht is just weird...
ECWLuis (12:31:40 AM): what's weird though?
shadowkillakaren (12:32:30 AM)
: like I am not Physically attracted to him when I am with him but sitting online talking to him I just am overthrown with all these feelings and don;t get it
ECWLuis (12:33:13 AM): hmmmmmm
ECWLuis (12:33:32 AM)
: That's a first for even me, usually when I like a girl either online or in person, it all clicks
shadowkillakaren (12:34:08 AM)
: it is so weird... because at cyber slam we sat together and just held hands and it was like the coolest thing and then we got back to the bar and well i don;t know
ECWLuis (12:34:48 AM): Wow, how sweet
ECWLuis (12:35:07 AM)
: But kinda weird though, I dunno, did you tell him this?
shadowkillakaren (12:35:35 AM)
: no and i am kinda trying to but can't figure out what to say... I think he thinks i am mad at him
ECWLuis (12:36:33 AM): no way, I doubt that
shadowkillakaren (12:38:27 AM)
: yeah because i can't find the words to say it to him with out coming off as mega rude
ECWLuis (12:38:54 AM): True, to be honest, I've never been in a situation like that
shadowkillakaren (12:39:05 AM)
: yeah it is weird...
ECWLuis (12:40:24 AM): Yep, anybody else you like? Maybe it could be cuz you like someone else that MIGHT be the whole package
shadowkillakaren (12:41:13 AM)
: not really... there are people but i won't let meself go there
ECWLuis (12:42:08 AM): I see, any reason why?
shadowkillakaren (12:42:22 AM)
: just don't want to be hurt
ECWLuis (12:42:50 AM): I see, we don't want that
shadowkillakaren (12:42:59 AM)
: nope
ECWLuis (12:43:14 AM): You deserve to be happy
ECWLuis (12:43:18 AM)
: Not 24/7 but damn close to it
shadowkillakaren (12:43:53 AM)
: yeah i know and well it is funny because I am so happy when i am talking to or hanging out with Chad...
ECWLuis (12:44:32 AM): See, that's what counts
ECWLuis (12:44:40 AM)
: Maybe it's best you guys stay really good friends
shadowkillakaren (12:45:54 AM)
: yeah here i go fucking it up...
ECWLuis (12:47:09 AM): nah dude, don't worry, it's good you told him, you did what melissa NEGLECTED to do
ECWLuis (12:47:27 AM)
: Except with her, she said I was and I quote "sexy", by personality was nice, but apparently I was and I quote "too mature"
shadowkillakaren (12:47:57 AM)
: yeah but i just can;t say that the only thing i remember about the show at cyber slan is sitting tehre holding his hand
ECWLuis (12:48:23 AM): True
shadowkillakaren (12:49:06 AM)
: damnit i am fucking crying for real
ECWLuis (12:49:22 AM): Awe common, don't cry babe, why ya crying for?
shadowkillakaren (12:49:40 AM)
: i fucking told him...
ECWLuis (12:49:49 AM): and the result?
shadowkillakaren (12:50:17 AM)
: hadowkillakaren (12:48:56 AM): the only thing i can clearly remember from that show is sitting there holding your hand and being so damn happy... is what i said... he just commented that that was the 1st time we kissed
ECWLuis (12:50:43 AM): Wow, how sweet
shadowkillakaren (12:50:54 AM)
: too fucking sweet...
ECWLuis (12:51:10 AM): see, I have friends like that too
shadowkillakaren (12:51:38 AM)
: no it is, just plain freaky...
ECWLuis (12:52:01 AM): how?
shadowkillakaren (12:52:27 AM)
: i don't think I want to admit it but i REALLY care about him and don't want to
ECWLuis (12:52:57 AM): hmmmmmm, eh, just say it, see what happens
shadowkillakaren (12:53:00 AM)
: JesterFTW (12:52:19 AM): I know how it like me alot...but dont know where to take it keep it as is or what...there is no pressure here hon...Im here no matter what...I promise you...:-)
JesterFTW (12:52:27 AM): you are NEVER losing me...
JesterFTW (12:52:36 AM): this clown is ALWAYS around..
ECWLuis (12:53:20 AM): awwwwwwwwwwwe
shadowkillakaren (12:53:25 AM)
: yeah i know
ECWLuis (12:53:27 AM): LOL clown :-P
ECWLuis (12:53:34 AM): that rhymes too
ECWLuis (12:53:38 AM)
: this clown is ALWAYS around
shadowkillakaren (12:54:00 AM)
: lol damnit my font is all messed up...