KrebKyle: like one about my guys livin in my spare room?
KrebKyle: that'd be cool
KrebKyle: cuz, i'm sure they'll never get chicks
butterflykaren27: yeppers... bout the big movie star/producer/writer that has his loser high school friends living in his house getting girls only because they are his friends and then he dies and they have nothing
KrebKyle: or hows about they go outta town, kill his cat then have to replace it because they know if anytihng happens to it, they'll be gutted
butterflykaren27: yeah something like that but i was thinking more on the WEEKEND at Bernies kinda theme where they try to keep everyone from knowing the guy died so they can keep being cool
KrebKyle: or they replace the cat, he gets home and then dies
butterflykaren27: there ya go... they are so worried about that damn cat and he gets home picks up the cat... says "this aint my cat and drops dead
KrebKyle: yea
KrebKyle: so then they try to hide the body
butterflykaren27: yeah... oh i might just have to write this one myself... kyle I am getting inspired...
KrebKyle: there you go
KrebKyle: but, if you see it i want a cut
butterflykaren27: yeah don't worry if i get anywhere you see the first edit...
KrebKyle: sell it i ment
KrebKyle: ok,
butterflykaren27: yeah sure...
KrebKyle: physics is for loosers
butterflykaren27: hence why i never took it
KrebKyle: i have to
butterflykaren27: damn that sucks... back in the day 1992 you only needed 2 science credits to graduate i took biology and earth science
KrebKyle: well, i need 6
KrebKyle: and i'm in a "smart" school
butterflykaren27: ouch that sucks hell i only needed 1 year of foreign language I think they need like 3 now
KrebKyle: plus, i'm considered a genious (who can't spell) so they don't let me slack off
butterflykaren27: i was one of those smart kids that was bored by school so i just fucked around and did bad...
KrebKyle: i just fuck around, but i make teachers look dumb because i know more than most of them do so i usually get OK grades
butterflykaren27: but some of the stuff was just stupid... the functional tests that you have to pass to graduate are at a 6th grade level... no lie one of the questions was : What does the red octangle sign mean? A. curve ahead B. Stop C. speed limit 55 D. school zone
KrebKyle: i passed mine in 10th grade
butterflykaren27: i didn't go to public school til 11th and then i took them.. the citizinship test i colored the dots to make pretty pictures and passed
KrebKyle: haven't taken the SAT yet
butterflykaren27: i did pretty good on it the 1st time but I took the OLD SAT
butterflykaren27: i did even better on the ACT
KrebKyle: citizenship?
butterflykaren27: yeah it was all about govt and social studies shit
KrebKyle: i got a 1040 screwing around on the SAT
butterflykaren27: damn... i think i got like 1050 on it but that was the old test with only mutliple choice
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