Emotion4TheGame: Karen? Hey it's Bam ... I'm on campus right now, before my next class at 12:30, just reading your results now that you just sent me lol
butterflykaren27: it was one hell of an evening... that is for sure... where do you go to school... i start back tomorrow
Emotion4TheGame: Univ. of NC at WIlmington .. seems like it, who did you meet? Did you see my friend DDP?
butterflykaren27: nope i missed DDP... i met alot of people i alreay met but I met Bisch and KEVIN NASH ( i swear i didn't MARK out like a big dog) <--blantent lie
Emotion4TheGame: lol Is Glacier the same Glacier as before? LOL....was he nice (nash?)..I've heard mixed things on him
butterflykaren27: ran into some old friends lance storm and mike awesome... not sure he looks like Sunzero from mortal kombat
butterflykaren27: nash was a real sweetheart
Emotion4TheGame: That's cool.... Awesome, I just saw Mike on a tape when he wrestled overseas for FMW, he's so impressive and of course, Lance is amazing.
butterflykaren27: i think nash is one of the BIGGEST names i have ever met and wow... he is one tall guy
Emotion4TheGame: He certainly seems like it, he'd dewarf me, I'm only 5'2"-3"...did you get any pics with them?
butterflykaren27: yeah we hung out with mike... he was great as the GLADITOR
Emotion4TheGame: I enjoyed it, I think he had two promos and two matches..he teamed with Horrace Hogan of all people lol
butterflykaren27: i got a pic with REY only because i was taller than him... we both has on platforms and well i was taller i am only 5'1 without shoes maybe 5'5 last night
Emotion4TheGame: LOL How cute....I hate being short, I've heard great things about Rey..what a great talent, but he's not reaching his potential, and it's only half his fault, the rest is the booking's fault
Emotion4TheGame: Did Flair go and party?
butterflykaren27: all i know is everytime i saw him he looked TRASHED!!!... RICK?? yeah he was there
Emotion4TheGame: LOL---yeah I figured he would be; I like Ric b/c well he's the man from NC lol, but a friend of mine met him in NY or tried to but he would only talk to the ladies
butterflykaren27: he was busy eating and drinking I wasn't trying to bother him...
Emotion4TheGame: Good idea--yeah that's where he saw him at a bar lol
butterflykaren27: but i had talked to most everyone i wanted to at the superbowl party and at the hotel SUnday night
Emotion4TheGame: That's cool..I didn
Emotion4TheGame: oops, I didn't realize WCW was throwing a party for the guys on Sunday lol
butterflykaren27: they weren't a local bar was having this big superbowl party and the guys were guests... so we went there and ran into mike who told us WE HAD to come hang out...
Emotion4TheGame: LOL..that's awesome
butterflykaren27: yes thats would be his name...
Emotion4TheGame: lol--I'm glad you had so much fun, no wonder you were tired when you sent me the 4 am email lol
butterflykaren27: yeah that was cuz i didn't sleep at on on sunday night we got home at 5am
butterflykaren27: and i start back to school tomorrow so i am about beat today
Emotion4TheGame: My experiences at WCW events have never been great...I never paid to go to a event, Page and Kim would hook me up but the first one I went to was a Fayetteville House Show, and I missed DDP's call by 10 minutes so I didn't see him, yet he threw his shirt, to the person in front of me!! LOL The last time I was at a NITRO, we got in just fine but security gave us the run around so we missed the bus and didn't get to see them lol So I have a big grudge against WCW security and Chapel Hill security at the Dean Dome lol. You should spend your day sleeping..I won't complain about being tired then lol
butterflykaren27: well we thankfully got tickets!!! mike didn't forget us like he did in ecw...
Emotion4TheGame: I know that worked out great!! LOL He forgot you in ECW?
butterflykaren27: yeah... everyone was always forgetting me in ECW... oh yeah you can have tix... and never leave them... LOL but it is all good
Emotion4TheGame: LOL That was always my Dad's fear since the talent has to leave the tickets at the will call window, he was always scared that we'd get there and it wouldn't be there...b/c I live in Wilmington where the hurricanes hit and all the arenas are hours away lol
butterflykaren27: yeah i know wilmington my parents have a place in Myrtle beach so i drive thru there to get there
Emotion4TheGame: Oh wow that's cool lol I have lived here since I was six and I think I've only been to Myrtle Beach maybe 5 times lol
butterflykaren27: lol i am there every summer
Emotion4TheGame: Wow, well if you come down this summer, let me know, we'll have to meet up..I'd show you around town but there is nothing to show here lol
butterflykaren27: oh i will be down this summer... not a problem... if i am not taking classes all summer
Emotion4TheGame: LOL I did the last two summers..I plan to take a break, I'm a soph., so if I keep on going I will probably graduate early but I'm burning out from school lol I just printed out a application to transfer to Chapel Hill ironically lol But I'm not sure if I'll get in, I'm retaking Mat 151, so once I pass that I will probably be set to go, I hope anyway lol I hate grades
butterflykaren27: yeah i just started back last semester... i have been playing mommy since i was 19 so now that my 7 year old is back in school i can go to school
Emotion4TheGame: I want to spend my summer working solely on the wrestling projects...I want to learn what it will take to get our magazine into print and how to go about that, which will be a class in itself lol. LOL Aww, boy or a girl? That's cool though...my Mom was a semiester or so away from finishing college, but she won't go back, she married my Dad before she finished and she thinks she's too old lol
Emotion4TheGame: what degree are you going for?
butterflykaren27: a girl... webmastering... i run www.KidKashECW.com right now...
Emotion4TheGame: Very cool....I'll be sure to check that out when I get home--I do a webmastering stuff too obviously...probably too much for my own good, I've been running Tammy's Team www.tammysteam.com for five years now for Tammy Sytch and Chris Candido, I do a Stephanie McMahon webpage and a Kurt webpage besides doing the MO work lol
butterflykaren27: well i am about to quit the kid kash site and let him do it his damn self... i have lost interest in that project...
Emotion4TheGame: Well I hate to do this but I better so I won't be late for class, British Lit calls lol. I'll talk to you soon, get some sleep!! Great talking, as always------ Bam ---Oh really? I don't know much about him actually just heard of him, I'll check it out nonetheless but I'm sure there will be someone dieing to do a official site, believe me I've seen them come out of dark holes lol. OK, gotta go now lol :-)
Emotion4TheGame signed off at 12:37:26 PM.